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What We Offer

Enteral and Supplemental Nutrition from Ortho-Tek

Not every child is born with the ability to consume a healthy diet in the usual manner. Food allergies, physical problems, developmental disabilities and other conditions prevent many children from getting the nutrition they need for growing and thriving. Our registered pediatric dietitians work with each child, family and their pediatrician to determine what types and amount of enteral formula or supplementation the child needs to grow and stay healthy.

Ortho-Tek offers Incontinence Products and Diapers

Diapers are just part of your life when you have infants and toddlers; but there are many reasons for children to have continual issues with incontinence as they age. Ortho-Tek understands these issues and carries diapers, under pads and incontinence products to fit any child or young adult with any condition. Count on Ortho-Tek to help you find the hard to find sizes and products and have them shipped directly to your door.

Contact Ortho-Tek to learn more about our enteral and supplemental nutrition products and services. Browse Ortho-Tek’s online catalog to see the products that are available.