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Our Services

Registered Pediatric Dietitians on Staff at Ortho-Tek

Proper nutrition is not just about having enough food for a child to eat. Children, especially children with special physical and developmental needs, often require someone who understands all of the intricacies of proper nutrition. Keeping these children both fed and healthy, maintaining a proper weight and getting not just enough to eat but also having the right type of nutrition for their needs take practice. The Registered Pediatric Dietitians at Ortho-Tek specialize in pediatric nutrition and are current on all of the latest development and strategies required to raise child with special nutritional needs. The philosophy of “Nurturing through Nutrition” guides their work every day.

Registered Pediatric Dietitians offer Regular On-Site and Home Visits

One of the biggest advantages of working with the professionals at Ortho-Tek is the one-on-one service provided by our Registered Pediatric Dietitians. These Registered Pediatric Dietitians visit the family and child in their homes on a regular basis and can offer direct observation of the child in their regular surroundings, answer questions from family and caregivers and offer the latest tips and tricks of the trade to help better nutrition. Ortho-Tek’s Registered Pediatric Dietitians can offer suggestions and provide nutritional care plans to provide the best outcome for the child’s needs.

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